April 26, 2021

April 0.9.0 Update is Released

April 0.9.0 Update is Released Header Image

I spy with my little eye... Update 0.9.0!

? Join Shyla, Obsidian's Social Media Manager, as we go over some new additions to Photo Mode (works in multiplayer now!), new items such as ladders, updated attacks for the handsome stinkbug, the ability to cancel attack animations when blocking, and so much more that came with today's update!

For a full list of everything that went into today's update, you can view the full patch notes below:

Build 0.9.0 New Features


  • Ladders
    • Unlocked via the Hedge BURG.L Chip
  • Curved Walls, Floors, and Railings
    • 3 Curved Grass Walls
    • 2 Curved Grass Floors
    • 3 Curved Stem Walls
    • 2 Curved Stem Floors
    • 2 Curved Railings
    • Unlocked via the Pond BURG.L Chip

Creative with Bugs

  • New Mode Added: Creative with Bugs
    • All the building and crafting perks of Creative mode but with all of the bugs spawned in the yard which are completely docile to you.

Photo Mode

  • Photo Mode Multiplayer Support:
    • All players enter and exit photo mode at the same time; the game pauses.
    • Each player controls their character's pose and visibility.
    • Each player controls their own camera location and settings.
  • Four new poses: Modish Max, Wallowing Willow, Heroic Hoops, and Perilous Pete.


  • Recipes are now sorted by subcategories in the Construction radial and in the Crafting menu. Within subcategories, recipes are sorted by their tier.
  • Added a take-all option for processing buildings like the Spinning Wheel.


  • New combat music when fighting weaker bugs (Mites, Spiderlings, and Water Fleas).

Save Games

  • Save games are significantly smaller on disk.
  • Playthroughs in the Save Game UI are grouped and collapsed together making for easier navigation of playthroughs with lots of saves across multiple playthroughs.

Changes / Tuning


  • Attacks can now be canceled into a block at any point during the animation.
  • Attacks now consume stamina on startup rather than on the hit frame.
  • Stinkbugs have a new attack.


  • Attack interaction display has been updated to match the new interact UI changes from last patch for consistency.


  • Increased the draw distance of bases for hosts on higher graphics quality.
  • Signs can be placed on walls more reliably.
  • Egg hatching now plays visual and sound effects.


  • Lure Traps and Spike Traps will now take damage as enemies use/interact with them.


  • "Beefy Smoothie?" can now be crafted at the Smoothie Station.


  • Improved render performance for games with lots of buildings.
  • Improved CPU performance with games with lots of buildings.
  • Improved rendering performance for the Xbox One and Xbox One S.
  • Reduced the delay before opening the main UI window.
  • Reduced the delay before opening the Building radial.
  • Reduced the delay before navigating to the Data page.

Bug Fixes - All Platforms

Top Community Fixes

  • Save games should now properly display the mode in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Promised Chipsleuth quest science rewards will now be correctly shown to clients.
  • Throwing grass blades or weed stems in third person no longer has most of them thrown to the side.
  • Creatures no longer walk through walls when not looking at them.
  • Crow Feathers despawn after a while if not harvested.
  • Signs can be placed on walls more reliably.


  • Underwater-capable buildings can no longer be built on bubbles.
  • Floors can no longer be built entirely under the ground.
  • Structures placed on floors will be invalidly invalid less often.
  • The player can no longer zip off a zipline when zipping up it.
  • Wall-mounted buildings can no longer be attached to dropped items.
  • Structures can not be completed while a character or creature is inside of them.
  • Buildings can now be placed in specific spots inside the Oak Tree where they previously couldn't be.
  • Foliage such as grass blades that is moved between patches will no longer duplicate itself.


  • Doors can now be built facing other doors.
  • Weapon Wall Mounts and wall-mounted trophies no longer fall through the world when collapsed.
  • Harvested flower petals will no longer spawn inside the flower.
  • Spiral Stairs can no longer be placed underwater or inside blocking objects.
  • Plank and Log Pallets will align to the terrain better during placement.
  • Crow Feathers no longer respawn when harvesting them, walking away, and returning back.
  • Stuffed Bee now properly swings after save/load.
  • Wall-mounted buildings are easier to place on Stem Walls and Palisades.


  • Ant Eggs will now hatch properly while inside inventories.
  • All types of creatures will now correctly create ripples in water.

Photo Mode

  • Depth of Field now applies properly when entering Photo Mode.
  • Photo Mode can now be exited even when the HUD is toggled off.
  • Blocking, aiming, and charged attacks now release upon exiting Photo Mode without firing.
  • Lighting in dark areas is now properly applied in Photo Mode.
  • Axes and Splatburst no longer stick to the free cam when falling.
  • Film grain and chromatic aberration settings in photo mode now work in Low Quality.
  • Photo mode free camera movement now uses remappable keyboard bindings.


  • The interaction UI no longer displays when on a zipline.
  • The Crafting menu will not lag as much when switching between certain items.
  • Building UI's, such as the Container and Spinning Wheel interfaces, will be closed if the building is relocated too far away while they are open.
  • Characters are less likely to appear headless when finishing a conversation with BURG.L or interacting with certain items.

Bug Fixes - Xbox Platforms

  • Players with a ton of buildings crafted and who could no longer create new save games will be able to make new saves again.

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