The Shroom

While grass and weed planks make for excellent building materials, it's time to step up your building game with the newly released Shroom Bricks! You are now able to build the castles of legends!

  • Mushroom Chunks
  • Mushroom Harvest
  • Mushroom Hut
  • Mushroom Palace
  • Mushroom Interior
The Brood Mother

The Doom

Venture into the lair of the Broodmother; Grounded's terrifying first boss that is sure to send shivers down your spine. Fight alone or with friends to reap the rewards that wait! Good Luck!

  • Brood Mother Entrance
  • Brood Mother
  • Brood Mother Dungeon
  • Brood Mother part 2
  • Brood Mother Tunnel
  • Sitting
  • Petting
  • Crossbow

The Rest

Along with the building upgrades and your new spider best friend, we have also included a couple of long-awaited community requests like sitting, and best of all, pet companions. And to help you out when you go visit your new friend, you can craft a crossbow to take with you if you wish!