May 21, 2020

Grounded Xbox Insider Flight and Steam Game Festival Begin June 16th

Grounded Xbox Insider Flight and Steam Game Festival Begin June 16th Header Image

**EDIT June 5, 2020**

The start date for the Steam Game Festival and Xbox Insider Grounded Flight has changed to June 16th and will continue through June 22nd. We thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you all in the backyard on June 16th!


Hello everyone!

We are truly honored to see the overwhelming response from you, our community, wanting to participate in the Xbox Insider flight that we realized we needed to change our plan.

In order to get more of you in the game playing, we will now also be participating in the upcoming Steam Game Festival! This means you now have two opportunities to get into Grounded and experience a tiny taste of the single-player experience! Starting June 16th June 9th and extending through June 22nd June 14th, BOTH the Xbox Insider flight and Steam Game Festival will start, and you will be able to play a demo of Grounded!

For those wishing to still participate in the Xbox Insider flight, make sure you register to be an Xbox Insider. Once you are all signed up, on June 16th June 9th you will need to open up your Xbox Insider Hub program (on either PC or your Xbox One) and start downloading Grounded.

Join the Xbox Insiders Program on PC

Participation through the Xbox Insider Program is the only way to play Grounded on an Xbox One during this time period, so if this is something you are interested in be sure to install the hub on your console and sign up to be an Insider.

Involvement in this Insider flight will be on a first-come-first-serve basis due to the limited number of slots available. We will promote the start on our socials so if you aren't following us now you might want to start so you can be one of the first to see that it is available.

Simultaneously, the Grounded demo will also be available to play through Steam on June 16th June 9th. So if you are not able to participate in the Insider flight you will still be able to experience a day as a shrunken teenager through your Steam client! Head over to the Grounded store page now and wishlist today!

Thank you all for the outpouring of support and enthusiasm to play Grounded, we are truly humbled. We are excited to have you all here on this journey with us, and look forward to getting you all in the game for this single-player demo!

Join our communities:

Mark your calendars! June 16th June 9th will be here soon!

See you in the backyard soon!

-Shyla Schofield