July 12, 2021

Patch 0.10.1 Details

Patch 0.10.1 Details Header Image

Patch 0.10.1 has been released for all players. Please update your game when you see that this update is available to receive the following fixes and changes:


  • Crow Crossbow has a longer range than normal bows.
  • Pets will no longer wander away when they are in a pet house and the player goes somewhere else.
  • Pets will return to their last pet house, or a nearby one, when the player dies.
  • Active pets will now follow the player a little more closely.
  • Active pets will flee to the player when scared instead of in random directions.

Bug Fixes - All Platforms:


  • Pets will no longer remain in pet houses or as active followers after they die.
  • Pets will no longer have their location reset by "Fix Creature Locations".
  • Changing your language in the Options screen properly switches languages again.
  • Achievements for Clients will unlock more reliably now after joining.


  • Curved Doors can now be replaced by other curved buildings.
  • Hoops's ponytail will obey the laws of physics again after exiting Photo Mode.
  • Walking around in shallow water will play splashing footstep sounds again.
  • The "Resourceful" achievement now properly unlocks after analyzing 15 items instead of 5 items.
  • Your teen's neck hole is no longer visible when using 120 FOV camera settings in first-person mode.
  • Garden Patches that have items actively growing in them no longer can hitch the game and affect creature pathing.


  • Smoothie Station Goop Bases are properly removed from Connected Storages.
  • Mushroom chunks no longer attract an infinite number of Weevils.


  • Swimming creatures no longer restore on top of lily pads when loading a save game.
  • Grubs no longer pop out of the ground simply by punching them.
  • Grubs visuals properly display again once they resume burrowing.

Bug Fixes - Xbox and Win 10 store Platforms

  • Deleting Save Games works correctly again.
  • Crashes dealing with asynchronous platform calls for Xbox and Win 10 store platforms have been fixed.

Bug Fixes - Xbox Platforms

  • The game no longer terminates shortly after resuming from a suspended state for a while.