October 28, 2021

Thistles Returning, Bees Regularly Resting, and More in Patch 0.11.2

Thistles Returning, Bees Regularly Resting, and More in Patch 0.11.2 Header Image

We are in the process of releasing patch 0.11.2 for all players. Please update your game when you see that this update is available to receive the following fixes and changes:


  • Audio added to falling shovel, icebox, and the biometric scanner.
  • Audio updated for Brainpower.
  • Audio updated for Milk Molar pickups.
  • Audio updated for Sandbox Sizzling.
  • A handful of terrain sculping cleanup in the Western Yard.
  • Bratburst and Splatburst recipes can be unlocked via Brainpower.
  • Brainpower level XP requirements have been spread out a bit in the higher levels. Each level unlocked progressively grants more Raw Science.

Bug Fixes - All Platforms:

Major Issues:

  • BURG.L store unlocks that had their Raw Science cost change in 0.11 (The Hot and Hazy update) will be properly unlocked again if they were purchased in saves from 0.10.3 (Shroom and Doom Update) or earlier.
  • Clients will no longer have a large hitch/lag when approaching Spinning Wheels with completed items ready to collect.
  • Thistles should respawn again on saves made prior to 0.11.2.
  • Ants no longer find joy in endlessly laying eggs.
  • Wolf Spiders no longer dip into geometry.

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed client crash related to players hauling items.
  • Fixed client crash related to Pet HUD markers.
  • Fixed client crash related to the Oven baking items.
  • Fixed client crash related to Status Effects.
  • Fixed client crash related to items in storage.
  • Fixed client crash related to players getting off a Frankenline dial.
  • Fixed rare crashes that could happen with bugs spawning into death via lots of spike traps grouped together.
  • Fixed various crashes related to base buildings.
  • Fixed crash related to creating a new Multiplayer Game.

Other Issues:

  • Taking meat off of the Roasting Spit or items out of the Garden Patch will not sometimes open the UI as well.
  • Bees more reliably sleep at night.
  • Stun effects no longer apply durability damage.
  • Pressing LB in the Smoothie Station no longer closes the UI.
  • Coup De Grass level 2 unlocks if the clover finding was done second.
  • Night base music plays again while in range of a base.
  • Completed BURG.L Quest trail markers will load back in correctly.
  • Bombing dice no longer sends them to the moon.
  • Spiky weeds topple over and spawn weed logs in the correct location.
  • Fixed rotten food in the Trash Heap dropping food under the terrain when harvesting it.
  • The Broodmother boss and Black Ant Hill lab boss can no longer be triggered in Creative (without bugs) mode.
  • Constant distant infected larva explosions have been notably optimized.

Bug Fixes - Steam

  • AMD FSR option is no longer accessible on Windows versions lower than Windows 10 as AMD FSR support for Grounded requires Windows 10 or higher. Prevents crashes when trying to set that setting on Windows 7 or 8.