November 8, 2021

Get Ready, Because Patch 0.11.4 is Coming Your Way

Get Ready, Because Patch 0.11.4 is Coming Your Way Header Image

We have released patch 0.11.4 for all players. Please update your game when you see that this update is available to receive the following fixes and changes:


  • Grass planks and weed stems that are not in Pallets will despawn after 1 in-game day instead of 3 in-game days.

Bug Fixes - All Platforms:

Major Issues:

  • Client achievements are properly reevaluated and resynced upon joining a multiplayer game.
  • Grass blades that instantly disappear on chop no longer show up after loading certain saves.
  • Hotpouch no longer sometimes stops working for clients until they first die after joining a multiplayer game.
  • Games with Hotpouch slots all being white boxes are fixed back upon load.

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed rare crash when saving a game.
  • Fixed client crash related to using the Oven.
  • Fixed client crash related to applying and removing status effects.
  • Fixed client crash related to base buildings.

Other Issues:

  • Durability bars and spoil timers no longer incorrectly display as half or double the actual max value for clients when playing on Mild or Woah mode.
  • The Analyzer audio will no longer get stuck if you skip the analyze state.
  • A rare issue where a player could load in with 0 health and not be able to interact with anything has been fixed.
  • Flipped spiral staircases display correctly now.

Bug Fixes - Xbox Series X / S Platform

  • The screen no longer randomly flickers with graphical artifacts.
  • Fixed memory corruption crash with large bases.