February 3, 2022

Patch 0.12.1 Is On It's Way

Patch 0.12.1 Is On It's Way Header Image

Hello everyone! We have just released patch 0.12.1 in order to fix some issues you have been reporting. Please update your game as soon as you can and let us know if you continue to experience any further issues.

Bug Fixes - All Platforms:

Major Issues:

  • Bugs no longer path through base walls when not looking at them.

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash related to turning off a waypoint marker in the Map.
  • Fixed crashes related to large bases.
  • Fixed a crash on boot related to having your OS culture set to any one of the new languages added with Into The Wood.

Other Issues:


  • Surveying resources as a client no longer causes performance issues.
  • You can access the Pet rename screen using the gamepad again.


  • Webbed doors in the Hedge properly update their visuals for clients after the webs are chopped away.
  • SCAN.R radar dishes on Field Stations properly rotate for clients when active.


  • Gum nuggets obey the laws of gravity again.
  • Dew drops no longer need to be shot twice to knock them down with arrows.
  • Termite armor better fits all of the teens.
  • Twinkling shell use the generic bag model instead of the Firefly wings.


  • Health bars show up on Grub after digging them up.
  • Scarabs will no longer wander into the unfinished part of the yard.


  • Players will no longer hear sizzle audio for other players that are sizzling far away.

Bug Fixes - Xbox Series X/S Platforms


  • Resource survey overlay renders correctly.