November 15, 2022

Ready for a tease to update 1.1?

Ready for a tease to update 1.1? Header Image

Are you ready for the next Grounded update? Because we are!

This past weekend was Obsidian's annual Extra Life stream. Through the help of employees and the viewers, we raised over $28K for our local children's hospital, the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

For reaching our $18K goal this year, we had a very special video we played to help tease the next update. Check it out!

Did you catch it all? Koi Scale Chairs, an additional row of backpack inventory, and an expanded HotPouch with three rows. But that's not all! Our focus for this upcoming update is expanding on the quality-of-life features of the game, adding more base building options, and adding a few often-requested features. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Additional Inventory Row

We are adding an additional inventory row that is unlocked automatically when you start the game.

Hot Pouch Expansion

With this update, there are now three rows of HotPouch items that you can switch between. With keyboard and mouse, you can move between them with the mouse wheel. With a controller, you can move between them using the HotPouch radial.

New Decorative Furniture

We are adding several new vanity items for your base, including the Koi Scale Chair.

Build from Storage

An often request feature is to build directly from storage containers and pallets. This works very similar to how crafting works.

The ZIP.R Zipline Upgrade

ill now be able to be found during your adventure, which will allow you to go up ziplines.

Join Casually Grounded tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16th, as special guest Game Director Adam joins the stream and talks about these new features AND MORE headed your way with the upcoming 1.1 update. See you tomorrow!

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