Community Issue Tracker

General Issues
Investigating Needs Your Help! BURG.L is located under the Oak Lab on specific saves. Investigating Some stairs and structures from old saves are incorrectly rotated. Investigating Loose backpacks have disappeared after updating the game to 1.0. Investigating Gotta peep them all achievement isn't unlocking for players. Investigating Dew drops are remaining in the air after the grass they were on has been destroyed by an explosion. Investigating Swapping strafe keys with structure rotate keys results in game not recognizing new input properly. Investigating If the host is dead, clients start to clip through most textures. Investigating Collision issues causing the player character to become stuck or free falling entering the Flower Pot under the Shed Investigating Recycling certain buildings built in a specific way results in the destruction of adjacent structures. Investigating Raw Science on knocked over trashcan cannot be collected. Investigating Spicy Shards after breaking Hot Chachas Candy may roll and fall down the side of the tarp and become unreachable. Investigating Items can be thrown inside a rock near the Pond. Investigating "Requires a busting tool" prompt is shown after hitting Moldorc castle with any tool. Investigating Crusty Roly Poly Helmet cannot be picked up on older saves. Investigating Multiple Rust nodes fall outside of the world inside the Termite Woodpile. Investigating Roof Interior Corners are not accurately connected to each other. Investigating Needs Your Help! Players are reporting an issue with extremely low mouse sensitivity. Investigating Creatures are spawning in player bases. Investigating Grubs appear to spawn on any surface, such as dried leaves near the Oak Tree. Investigating Items dug up from underwater seem to vibrate making them exceedingly difficult to pick up. Investigating On some specific saves, the Big Brain Time tape is missing in the Haze lab.